Our Values

Values aren’t just simple “beliefs”.  It’s what we do!

  • Right the First Time
  • A fair exchange of value for money
  • Laugh throughout the day
  • Romancing
  • 5/3/2

Right the First Time

You’re paying us good money to do your taxes because A.) You don’t want to them yourself, B.) Your time is better spent in what you do best, C.) Taxes aren’t your specialty.

We get that.  So you come to us to get them done, correctly.  And that is our first promise to you: You give us the correct information, we’ll prepare a correct return.

A Fair Exchange of Value for Money

Fairness is a big deal with us. BIG.  We’re looking to build a long term relationship.  And relationships that last (at least the happy healthy ones) are built on an EQUAL give and take.  You give us money, we give you a take return.  You give us money, you consult on saving you thousands of dollars in tax the right way.  You give us money,  we give you financial statements.
We’re not cheap. But we are a good deal.

Laughing Throughout the Day

We tell jokes.  We tell stories.  And we laugh ALL day long.  Because if we’re not laughing, then it wasn’t a good day at the office.  Life is to be enjoyed.  And just being accounting is boring, doesn’t mean we are, because you CERTAINLY aren’t!


We stopped doing “one night stands” in college.  Those days are over. Done.  Adios.  And in there place, we’ve now in committed relationships.  And the thing about relationships, at least the good ones, is there a constant give & take.  We call it “Romancing”.  From offering a monthly newsletter, to offering mid and end of year tax planning consultations, to sending personalize cards, we think about our clients CONSTANTLY, even when you’re not.


10% of our GROSS income is allocated to charitable purposes.  In our world, “charity” is giving to  those you care about.  Who do we care about?  Our clients, our vendors, our friends & family.  We also care about personal causes and helping inspire children with entrepreneurial values.

So, 5% of our GROSS income is allocated to our newsletter, 3% of time is donated to 501(C)(3) organizations, 2% allocated to inspiring children with entrepreneurial values.