Our Story

Our tax accounting firm, Adam Libman, just turned 7 years old!  And it’s been a wild ride to say the least!  So buckle in your mental seat belt, and enjoy this quick little story:

The firm started when Adam got fired from an accounting firm for moonlighting on the side.  While there wasn’t a conflict of interest, the managing partner of that firm didn’t appreciate Adam’s entrepreneurial nature.

So, we started with just one client.  One client meant eating, or not.  One client meant paying rent, or living in the car.  One client made ALL the difference.

So what did Adam do?  He made damn sure he didn’t have  0 clients.  Because when you only have ONE client, that ONE client literally means the world to you.

But that ONE client soon turned into TWO clients, which turned into THREE, and so on.

However, the traumatic experience of having to make sure client #1 was HAPPY was laser tattooed into Adam’s brain.  And that forms the basis of how we treat each client today:  YOU mean the world to us.

In 2010 Adam integrated his now larger client base with his father’s client base, who decided to retire.

We have designed our current firm to be “legally aggressive”.

Being “legally aggressive” requires year round tax planning, collaboration, & communication.  Which is what we do today.

Starting in 2012 we began attracting small business owners, entrepreneurs,  concert touring professionals, rental property owners, & sex-same couples as clients.

Which is the focus of our current practice in 2014.

Wherever 2014 takes us, we’ll always be committed providing the best service possible for clients who want to be “legally aggressive”.  We love clients who want to make an impact in this world and need the funds to make it happen.