Our 5-Diamond Guarantee

  1. We’ll prepare your return correctly, or promptly refund your fee AND do next’s return for a $1
  2. For Office Appointments: You’ll never wait more than 20 minutes from your appointment time to see us, or we’ll give you 2 GOLD AMC movie tickets
  3. For Mail Clients: From the time we have all your tax forms, we’ll be mailing you out a completed tax return within 7 business days (provided you’ve pre-paid)
  4.  During the tax season, we’ll return your phone calls the same day, or discount next years fee 1%
  5.  During the off season, we’ll return your phone call within 48 hours, or discount next years tax return 3%

Please note: these promises represent the bare minimum.  In most cases we FAR exceed what we promise; however, at least you know our starting place.

There are some restrictions, which are in place for practical reasons.

  1. You give us all your information, we’ll prepare the correct return.  However, you must provide all the information we NEED.
  2. Exceptions: March 12-16 (corporate filing deadline), April 11-17 (individual filing deadline), September 11-17 (corporate extension deadline), October 8-15 (indivual deadline).  We tend to get REALLY busy at deadlines and therefore can’t promise you you’ll be seen in less than 20 minutes.
  3. #3) You Must of PAID your package fee in advance.  We won’t mail ANYTHING till we’ve been paid. So, the 7 day rule doesn’t apply if you haven’t paid us our fee.
  4. #4) Same day call phone returns for calls made during business hours.  All calls made after 6 pm will be returned the next day.  If you call during our hours, we can call you after our office hours that day.
  5. #5) Non tax season phone calls will returned within 48 hours of the next business day.  Our ESTABLISHED non tax season office days and hours are (we are available on an as-needed basis during the other days of the week for diamond package members):
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: 10 am – 2 pm
Thursday: 10 am – 2 pm
Friday: Closed
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

Please note after the tax season and during the off season we go to conferences in which we shut down the office completely.  You will still get responsive service from a staff member; however, it may not be directly from Adam C. Libman.  Even when we shut down our office, you will ALWAYS get a human being answering your phone call.  Our receptionist will alert you to our response time during the off season.  However, you will usually have email access to us.  We just can’t promise it  ALL of the time.