Sarah is our All-Star Bookkeeper. She LOVES doing what you hate.

From Tax Strategy to Tax Preparation, everything we do replies on having a clean set of books to work from.

For example, if the books are wrong, then the tax return is going to be wrong.  If the books are wrong, the tax strategy is going to be wrong.  If the books are wrong, you won’t be able to make empowered business decisions.

In other words, maintaining an accurate and up-to-date accounting is the foundation for everything do.

Our firm is blessed to have Sarah as our All-Star Bookkeeper.  Sarah goes to great lengths to ensure all the financial details of your life are accurately input into QuickBooks.  From Bank Statements to Credit Card Statements to Loans to Inventory to Payroll to Assets to Depreciation to Reconciliation…

she does it all.

And she does it with a smile.

If you are interested in our firm doing your bookkeeping, please give us a call at 424.253.0200 and set up an appointment to see if we can be of service to you.

We also provide “QuickBooks Setup Services”.